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nature nuggets

Am currently exploring a new offering, a little audio dose of nature connection for your delectation! A chance to reconnect in amongst the busyness of our everyday. Offering them out as a nature nudge for anyone to access at any time, from anywhere. Really feeling in these wild times, the need for us to remember our connection to ourselves, each other and what we're part of more than ever. This is one offering that I hope can be part of that.

Something for both men and women, as well as for those that I'm not living nearby, whilst also being a nice tide-over for those 'gather'ers' that I am seeing in body in between our fortnightly meets. So yeah, hopefully a little slice of the sacred for everyone!


The shape of it all still very much forming and this is what they're feeling like so far...

  • audio dollop of no longer than 10 minutes

  • delivered to you directly via a Whatsapp group 

  • frequency still tbc but at least one or two a week

  • currently no charge but potential monthly/moon cycle subscription when we review them towards the end of November


Fancy being part of this exploration? Send me over your phone number via this form and I'll add you in to the group and you can start receiving them! And in the meantime, a little taste of what to expect...




women | together | with nature

Giving out to everyone and everything but yourself? 
need space to just breathe and take a moment?
come and G A T H E R

Nourishing, mindful, nature based practises, sitting and sharing together in a community of women to be heard, to listen.

Reconnecting with the rhythms & cycles of both yourself and the natural world.

No masks to uphold, no need for brave faces, no 'fixing' to be done. Welcome with all that you bring, be that in your words or simply in your phsycial presence. 

An honest, safe, welcoming circle of women in the magical sanctuary of Damson Hill Cottage & woodland, we follow the cycle of the new and full moon. We're back now for our Autumn/Winter sessions with a few breaks starting on Sept 3rd & 17th...Oct 15th & 29th...Nov 26th and Dec 10th.

£15 per session. As an introductory offer for your first time joining us, I'm also offering these at £10, either if you book a new & full moon gathering together, or £10 each if you book with a friend.


full & new moon sundays

6.30 to 8pm

damson hill,


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