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Circles & Gatherings


Spaces to be heard, in words or in your physical presence. Coming together in community with each other to witness with no advice offered, no need to be or act a certain way, no attempts to 'fix'; what a gift. An honest, safe, authentic space for you to be and feel ALL that you are. Not something we have much of in our daily in the West, these sacredly simple spaces is it?

These circles and gatherings are such healing and humbling communities and I love facilitating them. You can find out more about the current spaces that I'm facilitating here.

Or for a bit more info on the past ones, I'm still a student of the awe and wonder that coming together like this inspires to be honest. Of relative strangers speaking so openly and truthfully about how they truly feel; it still blows me away. The shapes of these offerings so far have been predominantly for women, although I am ever more curious and currently exploring what these spaces could look like for men and women coming together. The Women’s Nature Connection Circle and Morning’s with Moon, both shared themes of the season and lunar cycle. The Mama’s circle had similar flavours, space created to honour them and recognise their epicness, reminding them of who they are for themselves. Following the 2022 decision in America on the Roe vs Wade ruling, I also offered a donation based space for us to come together and be with the pain and the love stirred up from that decision, that financially then support those affected by it. I am currently facilitating a Women's Nature Connection Circle - Gather - which you can find out more about below.

"tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild & precious life?"



women | together | with nature

Giving out to everyone and everything but yourself? 
Need space to just breathe and take a moment?
Come and G A T H E R

Nourishing, mindful, nature based practises, sitting and sharing together in a community of women to be heard, to listen. Reconnecting with the rhythms & cycles of both yourself and the natural world.

No masks to uphold, no need for brave faces, no 'fixing' to be done. Welcome with all that you bring, be that in your words or simply in your phsycial presence. 

An honest, safe, welcoming circle of women in the magical sanctuary of Damson Hill Cottage & woodland. Sessions are run fortnightly on a Sunday night following the cycle of the new and full moon, and are run in seasonal chunks.

Winter / Spring - January, February, March

Spring / Summer - April, May, June

Summer / Autumn - July, August, September

Autumn / Winter - October, November, December

Our current Spring/Summer sessions are;​

  • 7th New Moon & 28th Full Moon April (please note 3 week gap)

  • 12th New Moon & 26th Full Moon May

  • 9th New Moon & *TUESDAY 25th June Full Moon*

And our upcoming Summer/Autumn sessions are;

  • *7th New Moon NO GATHER*  &  July 21st Full Moon

  • Aug 4th New Moon & 18th August Full Moon

  • Sept 1st New Moon & Sept 15th Full Moon

Places are £16.50 and booked in advance as a seasonal chunk of six sessions for £99. Payment instalment options of £33 monthly are also available if that is more accessible for you.


You can drop in to any of our sessions on a pay-as-you-go basis for £18. An introductory offer of £15 is also available for your first time joining us.

I do hold two spaces back in each circle for concessionary places for women on a lower income who would not otherwise be able to join us. Please do drop me a note to chat any further about exploring this a little.

You are so welcome and we really look forward to 'gathering' together with you in amongst the magic that is Damson Hill before too long I hope. Any questions or queries please don't hesitate to get in touch, otherwise just book your sessions below. Wild and wondrous wishes in the meantime!


full & new moon sundays

6.30 to 8pm

damson hill,


  • 'gather' seasonal

    6 sessions | 3 months | £16.50
    Valid for 3 months
  • 'gather' monthly

    Every month
    6 sessions | 3 months | £16.50 (monthly payment plan)
    Valid for 3 months
  • 'gather' drop in

  • 'gather' first session

    Introductory offer
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