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One-to-One Ecotherapy

I offer safe, held and confidential spaces in nature that create an opportunity for you to pause, listen and explore ALL that you are; to reconnect with yourself and have your whole self heard.


Working with nature's support, wisdom and insight, our time together is bespoke to you and what you need. That could look like space to rest, nurture & resource yourself, or perhaps an exploration of something that you're stuck or wrestling with. Or maybe it's weaving of both?

We’ll work in a gentle, embodied, curious, compassionate and mindful way, focusing on the reciprocity of our relationship with nature, it’s seasons, cycles and rhythms and the support that can offer. An opportunity to remember ‘your place in the family of things‘. Your belonging in your body and experience, on this land, at this time. The sessions themselves can be held either in person or online via Zoom. On Zoom, we would work with a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces close to where you are located. In person I work predominantly in East Hampshire. I offer one-to-ones in the nurturing and restorative woodlands of Damson Hill Cottage, not far from Bishop's Waltham. I also work at The Centre of Complimentary Medicine in Petersfield, working from there and with the magical space and expanse of the ancient heathland and pond. I do still offer a few sessions in Bristol although these spaces are quite limited. When working in the Westcoutry, I'm based at the nourishing and peaceful gardens of the Penny Brohn Centre in amongst the wild land of Ham Green, 20 minutes drive, bus ride or slightly longer walk or cycle from Bristol City Centre. Session shapes tend to be rooted in a spacious and flexible format of a nature based grounding, followed by space to be heard, with the option of weaving in creative, mindful, sensory or movement based ecotherapeutic practises if that's something that you're curious to explore. Always keeping space for the mystery and magic of what you might personally need from our time together. I offer two price options for these one-to-one sessions with the intention of valuing both the work, time, energy and cost that goes in offering them, whilst also wanting to keep it accessible. My standard session is 90 minutes and is £120 in person and £80 online. I also then offer two concessionary spaces for clients on lower income who would not otherwise be able to work together. Please do drop me a note to chat any further about exploring either avenue. Before starting to work together I offer a free, no obligation 30 minute curiosity call as well as a pre-session questionnaire to help get a sense of what you're coming with and what we might expect from our time together. Fancy getting in touch? Please drop me a note using the contact form below to book your free curiosity call. I really look forward to hearing from you.

"to be understood, as to understand,
to be loved and to love with all my soul"

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