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Why Community?

We are designed to be in community. It's a basic human need.  Community with ourselves, each other and nature.

Living in a culture that is increasingly disconnected, how do we remember that we're not designed to do this alone?

How do we do that with nature to feel connected enough with it to value its importance? How do we do that internally within ourselves as individuals? How do we do that as a collective and in our workplaces?

How do we create spaces that feel safe enough to do that? How do we create them truthfully and compassionately enough to explore the parts that are so continually 'wronged'?

How do we lead these communities collaboratively and authentically? And how do we then communicate that both in our language and our actions?

Asking similar questions? Let's get curious about them together.

What does it look like?


groups & one-to-one


broadcasting & facilitation


advice & creation


Why work with me?

I'm an ecotherapist, community consultant and facilitator, passionate about creating true and authentic spaces, conversations and connection.


With over 20 years experience as a broadcaster and space holder, I specialise in supporting both individuals and communities, to connect and communicate, with a particular focus on the start-up community, nature-focused charitable organisations and countryside projects & estates.

Want to find out more about my story? Or perhaps you need support with your story, if so, let's chat

Our interconnection with ourselves, each other and nature. That's my personal and professional approach.

All three things as one living, breathing, interacting thing; a reciprocal relationship in constant conversation and exchange with each other. What we do to one is what we do to another.

It can be part of our day-to-day wellbeing, offer us therapeutic support or can invite us in to something more mystical and magical, something that words can't quite capture.


You're probably practising it already without even realising it. When you go outside for a walk, do you notice a shift? That's it. Still not sure? Have a listen to this free nature based grounding that I've created. Or maybe you're after a bit more theory or background? There a few more words which you can read about here.

What is Ecotherapy?

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