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Hi, I'm Emily...

...and I facilitate spaces and conversations that invite us to come back in to community; with ourselves, each other and the natural world. 

When grief and loss knocked unexpectedly at my door, I began to explore ways to be in true community with all that I was feeling, and I found myself in nature a lot! Familiar I wonder?! Coming back in to the juiciness of the whole cycle; the grief, wildness, rage, sensuality…so many of the things that we’re told not to feel, I started to make space that felt safe enough to feel them. In a society that so often shames and wrongs them, reclaiming them has simultaneously been the biggest gift and challenge of my life to date!

That sense of belonging in all that I am, in all that I feel, of ‘my place in the family of things’, has been hugely nurtured by my three years of Ecospychology & Ecotherapy training with The Natural Academy, working through their models of NatureWell, Natural Self Ecotherapy & Eco-Depth Practises. My own personal yoga and movement practise and increased curiosity in the language of our body, has led me to further embodied training in Shiatsu, Women’s Wellness Yoga and the Total Nidra Online Immersion Course. My intrigue in the tone, texture and style of our verbal communication continues to fascinate me following a Drama degree at Bristol University and a subsequent 20 years working as a broadcaster. And woven through all of this is community; the power of coming together, listening and sharing our stories. My family of origin, my chosen family of friends, casts on stage and radio show teams, interviewees, building start ups, hosting and facilitating events, advice and consultancy, and now the 121’s and circles in nature that I sit in and facilitate; community at the heart of it all. Coming together and feeling safe enough to share the real truth of who we are, with all the discomfort and wonder that brings. What a way to be in the world! If you’re curious to find out more about how we might do that by working together, please do get in touch. I really look forward to hearing from you.

"tell me, what is it you plan to do.
with your one wild and precious life?"


One-to-One Ecotherapy

I offer safe, held and confidential spaces in nature that create an opportunity for you to pause, listen and explore ALL that you are; to reconnect with yourself and have your whole self heard.


Working with nature's support, wisdom and insight, our time together is bespoke to you and what you need. That could look like space to rest, nurture & resource yourself, or perhaps an exploration of something that you're stuck or wrestling with. Or maybe it's weaving of both?

We’ll work in a gentle, embodied, curious, compassionate and mindful way, focusing on the reciprocity of our relationship with nature, it’s seasons, cycles and rhythms and the support that can offer. An opportunity to remember ‘your place in the family of things‘. Your belonging in your body and experience, on this land, at this time. The sessions themselves can be held either in person or online via Zoom, working with a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces close to where you are. In person I work predominantly in East Hampshire in a small, cosy cabin surrounded by wildflowers and next to spacious fields and magical woodlands, not far from Bishop's Waltham. I also still work in Bristol occasionally from a private room in the beautiful, peaceful gardens and surrounding wild land of the Penny Brohn Centre in Ham Green, 20 minutes drive, bus ride or slightly longer walk or cycle from Bristol City Centre. Session shapes tend to be rooted in a spacious and flexible format of a nature based grounding, followed by space to be heard, with the option of weaving in creative, mindful, sensory or movement based ecotherapeutic practises if that's something that you're curious to explore. Always keeping space for the mystery and magic of what you might personally need from our time together. The financial exchange for these one-to-one sessions is £75 for an in person session of 90 minutes and £50 online. I am keen to make these sessions accessible whilst also valuing the time, energy and cost that goes in to me offering them, so do please drop me a note to chat any further about the options of alternative payment or exchanges. I'm open to hearing from you on that. Before starting to work together I offer a free, no obligation 30 minute curiosity call as well as a pre-session questionnaire to help get a sense of what you're coming with and what we might expect from our time together. Fancy getting in touch? Please drop me a note to book your free call. I look forward to hearing from you.


Circles & Gatherings


Spaces to be heard, in words or in your physical presence. Coming together in community with each other to witness with no advice offered, no need to be or act a certain way, no attempts to 'fix'; what a gift. An honest, safe, authentic space for you to be and feel ALL that you are. Not something we have much of in our daily in the West, these sacredly simple spaces is it?

These circles and gatherings are such healing and humbling communities and I love facilitating them. You can find out more about the current spaces that I'm facilitating here.

Or for a bit more info on the past ones, I'm still a student of the awe and wonder that coming together like this inspires to be honest. Of relative strangers speaking so openly and truthfully about how they truly feel; it still blows me away. The shapes of these offerings so far have been predominantly for women, although I am ever more curious and currently exploring what these spaces could look like for men and women coming together. The Women’s Nature Connection Circle and Morning’s with Moon, both shared themes of the season and lunar cycle. The Mama’s circle had similar flavours, space created to honour them and recognise their epicness, reminding them of who they are for themselves. Following the 2022 decision in America on the Roe vs Wade ruling, I also offered a donation based space for us to come together and be with the pain and the love stirred up from that decision, that financially then support those affected by it. I am currently facilitating a Women's Nature Connection Circle - Gather - which you can find out more about under offerings, and the 'happening now' drop down.

"to be understood, as to understand,
to be loved and to love with all my soul"



My facilitation work with organisations and corporates is wide ranging. Rooted in my experience at Avon Wildlife Trust, developing and running their Wellbeing programme I offer mindful Wellbeing Walks (AWT, Quint Events) as well as more established seasonal nature connection programmes (Triodos).


I offer this work both independently and through The Nature Collective where you can get more of a flavour of how it works. All of these sessions are bespoke to what you and your group might need, and tend to incorporate mindful nature based practises, space to reflect and time created for your team to feel nourished and restored.


Ecotherapy & Research


Alongside our body's knowing of the benefits, new research is being produced constantly that evidences the impact of nature connection not only for the health of ourselves as individuals, but also for the health of the planet. 

The University of Derby and the work of Miles Richardson informs a lot of the practises that I share. You can find links to some super interesting evidence and research articles through my work with The Nature Collective at the end of the website here.

"step outside and come back in to connection with yourself, each other and the natural world"

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